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Cardi B writer: Pardison Fontaine, AKA Jordan Thorpe

Jordan Thorpe AKA Pardison Fontaine is from Newburgh, NY and is credited as one of the ghostwriters that works for Cardi B and Atlantic Records.

Fontaine/Thrope is currently being managed by Just A Regular Day Management, which is also home to Bryson Tiller. As well as being one Cardi’s writers, Pardison Fontaine is a recording artist in his own right recently making his presence felt with standout singles such as, ‘Oyyy’, ‘Bobby Brown’, and ‘Woooa’.

The videos for his tracks ‘WOOOA’, ‘In The Field’ and ‘Food’ collected over 100,000 views on YouTube within a the first few months of being released.

During an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Cardi B alleged that Pardison doesn’t write her songs but ‘helps out’ in the studio.

“Pardison is not a ghostwriter, he’s a co-writer,” she said when asked about the situation. “I credit him in all the songs that he been in … I’m putting my people on, you know what I’m saying? Atlantic noticed his working skills, they notice his music, they signed him too.”

Listen to Padi here.

Pardison Fontaine

The rumours about Cardi using writers surfaced when an old video of East Coast rapper and ghostwriter Pardison Fontaine appeared with him rapping lyrics that many thought to have been originally Cardi’s on her song “Be Careful”.

It turns out Fontaine is actually credited as a writer on the song, under the name Jordan Thorpe. Pardi and Cardi have actually been working together for awhile, and Thorpe also co-wrote the Grammy-nominated “Bodak Yellow.”

Kanye West also used Fontaine on ‘Ye

Pardison also writes for Kanye West, as a New York Times piece uncovered in June 2018.

New York Times piece

“After hearing Cardi B rap “I gotta stay out of Gucci/I’m finna run out of hangers” on her song “Drip,” Kanye tracked down her co-writer, Pardison Fontaine, and brought him to Wyoming: “I was just like, that’s something that I would have thought of and would like to say.”

kanye west

The rap game was introduced to Pardison Fontaine, the Newburgh, New York rapper when the charismatic MC released his debut single “OYYY,” which had its video world premiere on MTV Jams.

The Newburgh native later released the video for “Hooporeerap” off his highly anticipated mixtape, Not Suppose To Be Here. Pardison has never been shy about expressing his view on things, and in the video for Hoopreeerap he does just that.

“Hooporeerap” is filled with his personal outlook on some very controversial topics.

“You see a young nigga in a suit, he not getting interviewed he’s going to a court case,” rapped Pardison.Not Suppose To Be Here is a 10-track mixtape and is set to be released the end of February. Pardison Fontaine’s catchy tunes are quickly making their rounds around the internet.

Pardi on working with Kanye in the studio

Pardi posted the following message on his Instagram:

Wasn’t Gonna Post This Picture For A Few Reasons … But I’ve Seen Too Many People Of Status Speak Ill On The Man … And 9/10 Its Coming From People That Got Sketchy Shit In They Past And I’m Sure That They Didn’t Appreciate When Outsiders Weighed In On Their Situations….. I Thank God I’ve Had The Opportunity To Work With This Man … Especially At A Time Like This ..nigga Has Always Been One Of My Favorite .. But Having The Chance To Sit With Him And Hear Him Speak His Mind .. (in A Not So Conventional Way) You Would Understand His Views Nor His Thoughts Are Malicious In Any … His Words Don’t Always Come Out Right … But Who’s Do? … We Are Lazy When It Comes To Information … We Easily Accept And React To The Things On A Surface Level … Not Questioning Deeper And We Always React Emotionally … I’m Not Here To Defend Kanye West .. I’m Not Big Enough To Do That ..and He Doesn’t Need Me To Do That .. He’s The Most Fearless Person I’ve Ever Met … What I’m Here To Say Is Stop Writing Off People That We Don’t Understand/ Agree With ..let’s Stop Being Quick To Judge Especially Someone That Time And Time Again Has Shown Us He’s Not Afraid To Go Against The Grain In Order To Show Us Something New .. A New Idea .. A New Way Of Thinking … Niggas Used To Listen To Cds Until Mp3s Became Popular… Niggas Constantly Used To Bash Gays In Lyrics.. Until You Couldn’t .. Niggas Have Mcdonalds Delivered From An App .. 4 Years Ago That Was Unheard Of My Point Is

the Norm And What Is Excepted Is Forever Changing … And Not On Their Own But By People Out Her Creating Changes … We Talked About Yea When He Sang On 808’s .. (now Every Rapper Sings) We Clowned Yeezy When It Looked Like Homeless Clothes .. ( Shortly After .. Every Shirt I Saw Had Holes In It ) Somehow Right Now It’s Cool To Post Shit About Kanye … But What About The Next Time You Want To Express Your Feelings And They Differ From Popular Opinion .. Or They’re Misunderstood .. They Gon’ Write You Off Too ..

Here’s the video from ‘Foodstamps’.

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