MF DOOM – discography

MF DOOM – discography

Release Date Album Title Record label
April 18, 1999
 Operation: Doomsday Fondle ‘Em
June 17, 2003
 Take Me to Your Leader (as King Geedorah) Big Dada
September 16, 2003
 Vaudeville Villain (as Viktor Vaughn) Sound-Ink
March 24, 2004
 Madvillainy (with Madlib as Madvillain) Stones Throw
August 3, 2004
 Venomous Villain (as Viktor Vaughn) Insomniac, Inc.
November 16, 2004
 Mm.. Food Rhymesayers
October 11, 2005
 The Mouse and the Mask (with Danger Mouse as DANGERDOOM) Epitaph/Lex
March 24, 2009
 Born Like This (as DOOM) Lex
August 20, 2012
 Key to the Kuffs (with Jneiro Jarel as JJ DOOM) Lex
October 7, 2014
 NehruvianDOOM (with Bishop Nehru as NehruvianDOOM) Lex

What else do I need to know about Doom?

Who is DOOM?

Daniel Dumile, originally a member of KMD, as Zev Love X, created the persona of MF DOOM (later shortened to DOOM) after his brother Sub-Roc was killed in an acident and KMD was dropped from their label.

What does the MF stand for?

When MCing the MF stands for “Metal Face”, but when DOOM is producing the MF stands for “Metal Fingers.” Also, Doom says, the acronym also stands for the “Mother F***ing”.

According to DOOM:

Ever since I was young, all my friends always used to call me Doom. That’s how I got the Doom part of it. My partner Grimm, he came up with the MF part. The prefix, the title. For him it was “Mad Flows,” “Mad Flows Grimm Reaper.” So when he brought me into it, and I adopted the “MF” title, my “MF” is “Metal Face.” “Metal Face Doom” – worked out just fine.

Where should I start with Doom’s albums?

Operation: Doomsday

What is DOOM working on now?

DOOMSTARKS – DOOM and Ghostface Killah have been teasing their collaboration for several years.

Madvillainy 2 – DOOM and Madlib have also been teasing their follow up to Madvillainy ever since the first album came out.

The adult swim missing notebooks series.

Do you have a link for the Madvillain demo leak, from 2001/2002?

Yes, we do! Find the Madvillain demo rar file to download, here.

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