MADvillainy - audio cassette tape cover

Madvillainy Demo circa 2001/2002 (leak) – link for download

MF DOOM and Madlib – The Madvillainy Demo

First things first, here’s the link to the Madvillainy Demo.

MADvillainy - audio cassette tape cover

Who are Madvillain?

Madlib and MF DOOM are two of the game’s most eclectic musicians. They’re prolific and mysterious, evil geniuses that have stood the test of time. In 2004, they recorded a record and called themselves Madvillain—Madlib was on the boards and DOOM was on the mic. Their fans have been clamoring for a follow-up ever since, and the duo has been teasing the project for quite some time now, adding fuel to the fire.

What is the Madvillainy demo and what does the thing look like?

What few people know, is that there is a completely different version to the 2004 release, a leaked demo, 13 tracks deep, that you can download by clicking the above link. It features the same lyrics (tweaked slightly) but a completely different style of delivery, and, it sounds like, mixed by a different engineer (vocals more compressed, and airy).

I’ve listened to it in the car speaker system (not the sub-woofer blasting tank you’re thinking of right now) and in earphones (apple) and it sounds different through each system, but I can say this: The mix contains more treble, and Doom’s delivery is calmer, softer and slightly pitched up.

What the boys at Pitchfork had to say about the original 2004 Madvaillainy album:

Madvillainy, one of the most anticipated releases in underground rap history, happens to parallel one of the most anticipated arrivals in comic book history: the short-lived Amalgam Comics label. As the name implied, the Amalgam Universe brought together the two most dominant and popular comic factions– Marvel and DC– and all of their respective characters, styles and quirks. The long-awaited collaboration between producer/emcees Madlib and MF Doom, Madvillainy is the Infinity Gauntlet of rap, a tense mainstream-meets-indie, avant-meets-antique melee that, as the opening sample suggests, plays on a “seminal connection that audiences can relate their experience in life with the villains and their dastardly doings.”

MF DOOM and Madlib in recent news – The Missing Notebook Rhymes

(UPDATE: Now cancelled: We have the link!)

At the beginning of August 2017, Adult Swim dropped several new MF DOOM records over the course of a few months. Known as The Missing Notebook Rhymes, the project was introduced with a previously-unreleased MF DOOM and Sean Price collaboration titled “Negus.” The Missing Notebook Rhymes’ lead single received its follow-up with the Jay Electronica assisted “True Lightyears”. At the time of writing it’s 7 songs deep. Listen, below (can’t anymore) or download The Missing Notebook Rhymes zip file here.

Madvillainy leaked version

Reddit searchers have been looking for the mysterious demo tape for a while, and a Stone’s Throw sale of the original cassette tape is now out of stock. To make it clear – I don’t own the rights/permissions to this work, but I couldn’t find it anywhere online which is why I posted the Madvillainy demo tape zip file in my dropbox to be downloaded here.

madvillainy demo tape download

Also known as: Madvillainy demo tape rar file. Find more new MF DOOM with Westside Conway here:

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