kiico rapper north london

Kiico, the rapper from north London

Kiico’s confident lyrical display and characterisation of the tough north London streets helped crown him as the winner of BBC’s The Rap Show UK.

The show, hosted by BBC 1extra’s DJ Target, and London’s own Krept & Konan, was a reality based talent show that picked the next superstar rapper to come out of the UK’s grime scene.

The victory allowed Kiico to earn the coveted position of being the newest signing to Krept & Konan’s Play Dirty label.

Rap Name: Kiico

DOB: 2000

From: Islington, North London

The north London rap sound

It’s real, raw rap from Kiico’s part of London; no further explanation necessary. If you have felt that type of pain then you understand his lyrics.

When Kiico was about five years old, he found a notebook of raps his dad had written. After picking it up he became shocked in that sense of how genuinely impressive the work was. After reading them he knew without question he wanted to become a rapper. Rap is the place one can lay bare their harsh realities and struggles and for Kiico there have been countless.

Events in Kiico’s life that made him able to express that sense of emotional struggle

Kiico’s dad went to prison when he was a child, which made him grow up quickly. Suddenly, he became the man of the family and had to step up and think of a way to provide.

Faced with the choice of two roads to go down, Kiico ended up on the right path which for him was music. Some don’t feel comfortable telling others their true feelings – or at least perceive it as a sign of weakness.

When you rap about things, you get it off your chest, which is how Kiico views it.

Other Good rappers from North London

Link Up TV (a popular YouTube rap channel) veterans include Kodee, Squeeks and Benny Banks, three top rappers who all hail from Islington. Another MC, Wretch 32, who’s from Tottenham, is probably the biggest names to come out of North London.

Self-belief and Drive

Coming from north London made Kiico the rapper he is today. He and his producer have been making music together since the beginning, meaning Kiico’s beats will be on-point and original. With the people that follow and support him, he feels he has no reason but to exude confidence.

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