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    Cardi B,  Kanye West,  Pardison Fontaine

    Cardi B writer: Pardison Fontaine, AKA Jordan Thorpe

    Jordan Thorpe AKA Pardison Fontaine is from Newburgh, NY and is credited as one of the ghostwriters that works for Cardi B and Atlantic Records. Fontaine/Thrope is currently being managed by Just A Regular Day Management, which is also home to Bryson Tiller. As well as being one Cardi’s writers, Pardison Fontaine is a recording artist in his own right recently making his presence felt with standout singles such as, ‘Oyyy’, ‘Bobby Brown’, and ‘Woooa’. The videos for his tracks ‘WOOOA’, ‘In The Field’ and ‘Food’ collected over 100,000 views on YouTube within a the first few months of being released. During an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club…


    MF DOOM’s Missing Rhymes Notebook Review

    The lead up to MF Doom’s The Missing Rhymes Notebook: Since ‘09 DOOM’s production has slowed considerably. Visa troubles prevented him from returning to the U.S. after an overseas tour and between that and sheer exhaustion from which even prolific creators suffer, there hasn’t been much time or energy for new albums. In the past seven years, DOOM’s created two collaborative albums (with rappers Jneiro Jarel and Bishop Nehru, two fellow London-based underground artists) and little else. There was great rejoicing among the faithful fan base when Adult Swim announced DOOM would partner to release fresh material once every week for 15 weeks from August – under the name ‘The Missing…

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    DJ Akademiks,  Drake

    Noah ’40’ Shebib and DJ Akademiks’ 4-Hour Conversation: The Full Details

    The original Twitch/Youtube video created by DJ Akademiks [Livingston Allen born May 17, 1989, known by the moniker DJ Akademiks, a Jamaican-American YouTube personality] relaying the details of his conversation with OVO’s Noah ’40’ Shebib [Drake’s label mate, producer and engineer, as well as long time friend] from 2017 has been removed. Therefore the kind folks at HnHH have uploaded a transcription of the main points of DJ Akademiks and Noah “40” Shebib’s 4-hour discussion for you to read, below. The transcription includes the real reason behind the Meek Mill and Drake beef, as well as the creation of Back to Back, and why artists signed to OVO  [the Toronto-based…


    Two New MF Doom Songs – WESTSIDEDOOM

    WESTSIDEDOOM (MF Doom & Shady Records’ Westside Gun) have put out two new records together since the Missing Notebook Rhymes Series came to a full stop (lyrics are below): WESTSIDEDOOM – “Gorilla Monsoon” Produced By Daringer Lyrics Verse 1: Westside Gunn Ayo, I was in my cell, I clicked my heels 3 times P Just 2s, my khaki suit mastermind Water whip, tossed the coke in the alkaline Platinum and gold, rock English hat to the side Immaculate rhyme (immaculate rhyme) It’s so obvious Watchin’ the world from up top Snakeskin binoculars Red companions Corset is on a suede mansion My bedroom had a bedroom, my wrist be dancin’ (my…


    The Missing Notebook Rhymes.zip mp3 – MF Doom

    Here is a download link to a zipped file of the missing notebook series by MF DOOM, which was recently cancelled by Adult Swim. Access to the The Missing Notebook Rhymes.zip Adult Swim Presents The Missing Notebook Rhymes from DOOM Song List: Background on the MF DOOM – The Missing Notebook Rhymes series with Adult Swim Jason DeMarco is Senior Vice President at Adult Swim, and has been influential in helping the world hear music that would otherwise lay relegated to Reddit Forum wish lists. The latest was a project with MF Doom titled: The Missing Notebook Rhymes. DeMarco is all about helping the artists he deems worthwhile reach as…

  • Dean Geistlinger

    Who is the 19 year old Interscope intern who discovered Eminem?

    The answer: Dean Geistlinger. And, if you belief the story, he was aided by co-Interscope intern at the time, Evan Bogart. Here’s Gesitlinger, talking about how he discovered Eminem: “How Eminem’s tape came to be in Jimmy’s [Iovine] hands was that I went to the ’97 Rap Olympics which is a [rap event], I used to go out and still do go out to a lot of clubs and a lot of freestyle battles cause I’m into more rap than alternative or rock music. I went to the ’97 Rap Olympics aware that it’s a big freestyle contest with rappers and there’s about a hundred MCs there battling against each…

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    Dizzy Wright

    Dizzy Wright

    Dizzy Wright 2017: Funk Volume label break-up Who is Dizzy Wright (La’Reonte Wright)? Coming off as a Devin the Dude for the Tech N9ne generation, stoned ranger and weed rapper Dizzy Wright released his debut effort in 2010 on the stoner holiday of 4/20. Born La’Reonte Wright in Flint, Michigan but raised in Las Vegas by a mother in the music business, Dizzy saw the life of a major-label artist firsthand while growing up, an experience that led him later in life to remain entirely indie. After a series of mixtapes filled with his smooth, Bone Thugs-influenced flow, Dizzy made it to the indies in 2012, specifically Hopsin’s Funk Volume…