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    Who is Deno Driz, the ‘Advice (Dele Alli)’ London Afrobeat and Rap Singer?

    Deno Driz, an introduction: Date of Birth: September 23, 2002 From: London (Eritrean-British) Style: A fusion of Afrobeat melodies and UK Rap Who is Deno Driz? Deno started life as a musician uploading covers to Instagram; “Basically, I started off in school and one of my friends was like ‘ah Deno can you sing for my snapchat?’ I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I just did it. I told him not to post it, next thing I know I go on my phone and see my video up there! I was like ‘ah why did you post it, cringe basically.” – Deno Driz Deno was able to swiftly…

  • Cadet, rapper
    Cadet,  UK Rappers

    Cadet, the rapper

    Who is Cadet (rapper)? Born: 2 March 1990 Died: 9 February 2019 From: Betley, Staffordshire, England Name: Blaine Cameron Johnson Religion: Muslim About Cadet – The UK rapper from South London (and cousin of Krept, from Krept & Konan). Cadet was an up-and-coming grime/rap artist from South London who possessed a humble heart and great talent. He was Muslim, and his songs detail a lot of his personal life. His two released albums are The Commitment and Glockumentary. Blaine Cameron ‘Cadet’ Johnson pursued music from the tender age of 16. He emerged on the Grime/Rap music scene during the year 2006 in South London. YouTube music video and freestyle uploads…