Cadet, rapper
Cadet,  London Rappers

Cadet, the rapper

Who is Cadet (rapper)?

Born: 2 March 1990

Died: 9 February 2019

From: Betley, Staffordshire, England

Name: Blaine Cameron Johnson

Religion: Muslim

About Cadet – The UK rapper from South London (and cousin of Krept, from Krept & Konan).

Cadet was an up-and-coming grime/rap artist from South London who possessed a humble heart and great talent. He was Muslim, and his songs detail a lot of his personal life. His two released albums are The Commitment and Glockumentary. Blaine Cameron ‘Cadet’ Johnson pursued music from the tender age of 16. He emerged on the Grime/Rap music scene during the year 2006 in South London. YouTube music video and freestyle uploads (such as the Uber everywhere remix parts one and two) have enabled Cadet to build a loyal fan base and grow as an artist. Cadet was well known for his MC quotation “CADET CADET!” and was rebuilding his name on the music scene after having taken some time off.

Early Years

CADET CADET! saw a buzz in the initial Grime scene from a freestyle video made with his cousin Krept in 2007, now reuploaded as ‘CADET CADET CLASSIC WATCH‘.

Cadet dropped out of the UK Grime scene for many years, but came back when Jamal Edwards [SBTV] gave him a chance to do a ‘Warm Up Sessions’ video.

Cadet talks of being inspired at the main stage at Wireless, while performing with his cousin Krept. Re-entering the UK music scene, Cadet’s approach to music changed: His content focused on personal, heartfelt lyrics, touching stories and relatable, everyday content. His first release under this new wave was ‘You Need to Hear This’:

It’s fair to say that Cadet gained his reputation from gaining the hearts of his fans. Not much more can be said about the artist that isn’t told through the content of his tracks.

Live reviews

I was very impressed by Cadet’s performance, and I feel he really achieved forming a strong connection with the audience. Not only by the lyrical style of his songs but also by telling stories over other rapper’s beats. I really appreciated that he brought out MoStack, 23Unofficial, and Ramz. I definitely thought this experience well worth the money, Overall, and would recommend others to attend his future shows, as I will be doing so myself in the future.

Cadet Tour – Past concerts

  1. Thursday 07 December 2017
    Cadet live
  2. O2 Institute3, Birmingham, UK
  3. Saturday 02 December 2017
    Cadet live
  4. Electric Ballroom, London, UK
    Thursday 30 November 2017
    Cadet live
  5. O2 Institute3, Birmingham, UK
    Wednesday 29 November 2017
    Cadet live
  6. Sound Control, Manchester, UK
    Friday 25 August 2017 – Sunday 27 August 2017
    Leeds Festival 2017
  7. Leeds Festival 2017
    Eminem, Muse, Bastille, Major Lazer, Two Door Cinema Club, Korn, Flume, and Grouplove
  8. Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK
    Reading Festival 2017
  9. Reading Festival 2017
    Eminem, Muse, Bastille, Major Lazer, Two Door Cinema Club, Korn, Flume, and Grouplove
  10. Reading Festival, Reading, UK
    Friday 07 July 2017 – Sunday 09 July 2017
    Wireless Festival 2017
  11. Wireless Festival 2017
    The Weeknd, Tyga, Nas, Chance the Rapper, Sean Paul, Ty Dolla $ign, G-Eazy, and Travis Scott
  12. Finsbury Park, London, UK
    Wednesday 21 June 2017 – Sunday 25 June 2017
    Glastonbury Festival 2017
  13. Glastonbury Festival 2017
    Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, The xx, Lorde, Major Lazer, and Phoenix
  14. Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK
    Thursday 21 April 2016

Interview with Cadet

In 2015 Cadet was brought out by his cousin Krept – of Krept and Konan – on stage at Wireless. His first ever solo Wireless set happened 2 years later, on Saturday July 8 2017. Although the 27-year-old has been rapping alongside Krept and Konan since his teens, it was the moment they brought him out on stage in 2015 that gave him the kick he needed to pursue music seriously – resulting in him taking to the stage alone two years later.

“Wireless is a real big check point, where I got my motivation to take music more seriously. Being back here, working hard off my own merit, I had to take a few breaks. ‘I remember stopping one of the songs and I was like “I love you lot, I love you lot,” mad cliché but it was sick man. Even when I was working, the one thing I was doing was writing music.”

The rapper, known hard hitting, honest and extremely personal bars that leave listeners feeling reflective found it hard to categorise his sound, before summarising it as a style filled with ‘passion, and emotion.’ The difference between music and songs: ‘I want my music to mean something. I feel like there’s a big difference between songs for the sake of having songs and music. ‘I feel like music is meant to mean something where you can show your children and your parents. I try to make sure my music means something.”

Cadet pours heart into his musics with dollops of honesty and vigour. Cadet’s unshakeable drive and humble attitude shine through as he speaks. This guy is someone that really wants it and is well on his way to a glowing future in music, having put aside a life of working ‘possibly every job under the sun’ to be able to commit 100% of his time to his music. His musical inspirations include Michael Jackson and Musiq Soulchild. “Musiq Soulchild, Michael Jackson, RnB and slow jam artists [inspire me] as they have a knack of making their music give you goosebumps. ‘The older music really stood for something, if I play you something from the 90s it would probably make you feel some type of way. But if I play some of the music from now in 20 years, you’ll probably be like “what is this?” ‘I want music to be timeless. So I feel like I need to draw from timeless music in order to make timeless music.”

In September 2016 Cadet dropped a personal, emotionally charged ‘Letter To Krept’ which saw him air out his frustrations with his famous cousin in a no-holds-barred track. Cadet calls Krept out for being friends with another man who was involved with Cadet’s then girlfriend. This heated exchange saw the Don’t Waste My Time star reply with a poignant Letter To Cadet. However, with the  single, No More Letters, Cadet says the back and forth has ceased.

For anyone who still refers to him as simply ‘Krept’s cousin,’ Cadet’s booking at Wireless, his tour later this year and upcoming EP, ‘The Commitment 2’ are reminders Cadet is a star in his own right. Or, ‘underrated legend’ as he prefers.

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