About HotNewHipHop

Kanye West performs live for fans at Qantas Credit Union Arena on September 12, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

HotNewHipHop (the UK version) is a website that is designed with two purposes in mind.

One: To be a central reservation for exchanging lyrics. We invite submissions of your original lyrics, on a View-Only access shared G-Doc. With your lyrical submission we request you provide three pieces of meta information: For you to define the type of lyrics according to these categories: a) BMP, b) Style, and c) Identify a rapper for which the lyrics would be most suited.

We will publish an excerpt of your lyrics with a link to the G-Doc on the page of the rapper you identified the lyrics as being associated with. This programme will be trialled, initially, for free, with amateur song writers able to upload or take lyrics for free, with the hopes of founding budding relationships between ghost writers and would be rappers.

Two: The second point of this HotNewHipHop is in relation to a new royalty stock share website set up in Colarado, USA, called: Royalty Exchange. This website has just released a new product: Royalty Flow, which essentially, allows you to buy shares of your favourite artists’ royalty allowance. They are starting with the auction of the Bass Brothers’ songwriting royalty credits for their work with Eminem 1995-2009.

We think Royalty Flow is a great idea, and will be providing tips and comments on the markets, as well as documenting real investment stories, as the Royalty Exchange website continues to grow.

Furthermore, we will document the steps needed for independent artists to self-release and own the publishing rights to their music, and how they will be able to use Royalty Exchange to crowd-source investment for their music output.

All very exciting.

We’re a site of dedicated hip hop fans from the UK and we love comprehensive discussion of the hip hop landscape, past and present, minus the gossip and TMZ style reporting.


HotNewHipHop Editorial Staff.