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Noah ’40’ Shebib and DJ Akademiks’ 4-Hour Conversation: The Full Details

The original Twitch/Youtube video created by DJ Akademiks [Livingston Allen born May 17, 1989, known by the moniker DJ Akademiks, a Jamaican-American YouTube personality] relaying the details of his conversation with OVO’s Noah ’40’ Shebib [Drake’s label mate, producer and engineer, as well as long time friend] from 2017 has been removed.

Therefore the kind folks at HnHH have uploaded a transcription of the main points of DJ Akademiks and Noah “40” Shebib’s 4-hour discussion for you to read, below. The transcription includes the real reason behind the Meek Mill and Drake beef, as well as the creation of Back to Back, and why artists signed to OVO  [the Toronto-based Canadian record label founded by Hip hop artist Drake, Oliver El-Khatib, and long-time producer Noah “40” Shebib in 2012] aren’t being hung out to dry.

The below details are reportedly what Noah “40” Shebib relayed to DJ Akademiks during the phone conversation (no information below has been collaborated or validated by external sourcesShebib or DJ Akademiks could have fabricated any or all of the following)

The Drake/OVO label situation from Noah “40” Shebib’s point of view:

      1. Noah “40” Shebib says Meek Mill wanted Quintin Miller [part of WDNG Crshrs, an American Hip hop duo from Atlanta, Georgia consisting of Miller and Thaddius “TheCoolisMac” Callaway] to write for him
      2. Drake and Quintin Miller collaborated and would share ideas for songs which is why the reference tracks exist
      3. The Migos [an American Hip hop trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia, formed in 2009, composed of three rappers, known as Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff] could have joined the OVO label
      4. Drake is going to do a podcast with Noah “40” Shebib at some point in the future
      5. You have to pay Birdman (Cash Money’s CEO) $200,000 to get Drake on your song in any form: Drake has an allowance for a certain amount of collaborative songs per year he can do without someone having to pay the $200K, but Drake has to sign the artists to OVO first and release the song on his OVO label for the artist to be able to deal with him (without paying the money to Birdman)
      6. OVO only signed ILoveMakonnen [Makonnen Sheran, born April 12, 1989, an American rapper and singer] for hot song Tuesday [a famous song by ILoveMakonnen released on September 1, 2014, and produced by frequent collaborators Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin’] and left him for dead after.
      7. Dave [also known as Santan Dave or Dave Santan, is an English rapper, from Streatham, South London, born 5 June 1998] wanted to sign with OVO but they denied it because they only support Toronto artists.
      8. Drake could’ve exercised both options on The Migos but let them get a feature from him free of charge.
      9. Back to Back [the second diss track created by Drake aimed at American rapper Meek Mill, following “Charged Up“.] was completed in 12 hours:
        Noah “40” Shebib is releasing a documentary of Back to Back’s creation.
        B. Drake had beat makers in different rooms making beats for Back to Back. One of the producers approached Drake with a slowed sample, Drake sped it up, added some drums, and released it via streaming service, SoundCloud.
        C. Drake kicked out everyone in the studio because his entire career was on the line for the creation of the now-famous diss song.
      10. Noah “40” Shebib didn’t know Drake was talking about P Diddy on ‘4 pm in Calabasas’ until it was released
      11. Most people know the infamous Meek Mill tweet, “Stop comparing Drake to me too…. He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out!”. But this is the story behind it according to Noah “40” Shebib: Meek and Nicki Minaj [Onika Tanya Maraj, a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, model, and actress] went to the mall and shut it down to buy some stuff. The total of their items was like $38,000 and Meek Mill was going to pay but he was short a couple thousand, so he asked Nicki Minaj to pay and said he would pay her back later. Nicki Minaj snapped and said, “Drake wouldn’t do this”, so she separated her stuff, paid for it, left and rode home leaving Meek Mill by himself. That’s why Meek tweeted, “don’t compare me to Drake…”, because Nicki compared them both. And that’s how the beef started.
      12. Meek Mill knew about Quentin Miller already but the Nicki situation and Drake’s subliminal diss [“Old ways, new women, gotta keep ’em balanced/The girl of your dreams, to me is probably not a challenge”] on R.I.C.O are what triggered him.
      13. A lot of other stuff caused the beef to happen (between Drake and Meek Mill) but it was the moment with Nicki Minaj that triggered it.
      14. Meek Mill tweeted “…But today I just wanted to show somebody how much I don’t care!” which could possibly be referencing the Nicki Minaj mall situation.
      15. Noah “40” Shebib said Drake didn’t steal XXXTentacion’s [Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, born January 23, 1998, known professionally as XXXTentacion] flow and used his own flow from Digital Dash [Drake and Future’s 2015 Hip-hop album ‘What a Time To Be Alive’].
      16. Noah “40” Shebib says Drake could beat Kendrick Lamar in a beef. He would say that, though…
      17. Noah “40” Shebib says Drake’s next album will go platinum first week and Drake will show off his rapping skills
      18. Noah “40” Shebib says all of Drake’s biggest songs were written by him (by Drake).
      19. Legend’ (The opening song from IYRTNITL, or ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late‘, a commercial mixtape by Drake, released on February 13, 2015, by Cash Money Records.) was written entirely by PARTYNEXTDOOR.
      20. Drake wrote ‘Hotline Bling’ by himself.
      21. The reason Noah “40” Shebib contacted DJ Akademiks in the first place was because DJ Akademiks made a post joking about the “OVO concentration camp”, and ’40’ DM’ed DJ Akademiks requesting he stops twisting peoples views and lying about OvO since the public believe everything he reports. Then Noah “40” Shebib called DJ Akademiks to call and chat.
      22. Drake wrote all of ‘5 AM in Toronto’.
      23. Noah “40” Shebib says he would’ve signed Tory Lanez if he came to them with a record like “Say It”, but not anymore because he dissed them.
      24. Noah “40” Shebib says lots of people contribute to the same ideas for the songs Drake makes but its not like Drake just pops in and takes the song. Basically, Drake takes ideas and form them into one song.
      25. Noah “40” Shebib says PARTYNEXTDOOR does his own shit sometimes and they don’t force him to do anything.
      26. The Weeknd and Drake were/are beefing over women.
      27. The Weeknd gave Drake the tracks for Take Care [Drake’s 2011 Hip-hop album]. OVO Sound feels like, ‘Who cares? We gave R.I.C.O [Meek Mill’s song from Dreams Worth More Than Money, released in 2015] to Meek and no-one cared”
      28. Drake hates that people feel The Weeknd made Take Care special
      29. The Meek Mill beef was over Nicki
      30. Puff Daddy [Sean John Combs, also known by his stage names Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, and Love, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur, born in Harlem] did (as it was reported) swing on Drake for the ‘0-100’ instrumental snatch.
      31. Jay-Z (Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969), known professionally as Jay-Z, an American rapper ) was trying to ‘steal’ the OvO sound when they first came out around 2009. Jay-Z apparently begged Noah ’40’ Shebib for some hiphop instrumentals and was turned down
      32. OVO wishes Meek Mill [Robert Rihmeek Williams, known professionally as Meek Mill, an American rapper and songwriter from Philadelphia] all the best.

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