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    Cadet,  London Rappers

    Who is Deno Driz, the ‘Advice (Dele Alli)’ London Afrobeat and Rap Singer?

    Deno Driz, An introduction: Age: September 23, 2002 From: London (Eritrean-British) Style: A fusion of Afrobeat melodies and UK Rap Who is Deno Driz? Deno started life as a musician uploading covers to Instagram; “Basically, I started off in school and one of my friends was like ‘ah Deno can you sing for my snapchat?’ I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I just did it. I told him not to post it, next thing I know I go on my phone and see my video up there! I was like ‘ah why did you post it, cringe basically.” – Deno Driz Deno was able to swiftly harness the…

  • cardi b
    Cardi B,  Kanye West,  Pardison Fontaine

    Cardi B writer: Pardison Fontaine, AKA Jordan Thorpe

    Jordan Thorpe AKA Pardison Fontaine is from Newburgh, NY and is credited as one of the ghostwriters that works for Cardi B and Atlantic Records. Fontaine/Thrope is currently being managed by Just A Regular Day Management, which is also home to Bryson Tiller. As well as being one Cardi’s writers, Pardison Fontaine is a recording artist in his own right recently making his presence felt with standout singles such as, ‘Oyyy’, ‘Bobby Brown’, and ‘Woooa’. The videos for his tracks ‘WOOOA’, ‘In The Field’ and ‘Food’ collected over 100,000 views on YouTube within a the first few months of being released. During an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club…

  • Cadet, rapper
    Cadet,  London Rappers

    Cadet, the rapper

    Who is Cadet (rapper)? Born: 2 March 1990 Died: 9 February 2019 From: Betley, Staffordshire, England Name: Blaine Cameron Johnson Religion: Muslim About Cadet – The UK rapper from South London (and cousin of Krept, from Krept & Konan). Cadet is an up-and-coming grime/rap artist from South London who possesses a humble heart and great talent. He’s Muslim, and his songs detail a lot of his personal life. His two released albums are The Commitment and Glockumentary. Blaine Cameron ‘Cadet’ Johnson pursued music from the tender age of 16. He emerged on the Grime/Rap music scene during the year 2006 in South London. YouTube music video and freestyle uploads (such…

  • Natural Language Processing

    Neural Networks & A.I In Rap Lyrics

    DeepBeat is an algorithm for rap lyrics generation. Lyrics generation was formulated as an information retrieval task where the objective is to find the most relevant next line given the previous lines which are considered as query. The algorithm extracts three types of features of the lyrics—rhyme, structural, and semantic features— and combines them employing the RankSVM algorithm. For the semantic features, DeepBeat developed a deep neural network model, which was the single best predictor for the relevancy of a line. They quantitatively evaluated the algorithm with two measures. First, they evaluated prediction performance by measuring how well the algorithm predicts the next line of an existing rap song. An…

  • The Weeknd

    The Weeknd – A Timeline, from 2008 – 2011

    Abel Tesfaye (born February 16th, 1990) Canadian recording artist, rapper, writer, musician and producer who goes by the stage name The Weeknd From Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario. Of Ethiopian descent, born Christian. Read more about Abel’s early days in Scarborough, Toronto. The Timeline of events that created House Of Balloons. 2008 Abel Tesfaye and fellow Scarborough upcoming rapper Jesse Ray formed the Rap/RNB duo Bulleez n Nerdz, Abel went under the stage name Kin Kane, (Kin – connected, related by blood). The two had great chemistry performing together at parties & decided to make songs together. They performed their first song for,  Godzilla , the first track they had ever done…

  • The Weeknd
    Drake,  The Weeknd

    There was a time when Abel used to be called Kin Kane

    Details surrounding Abel Tesfaye (AKA Toronto R&B/Pop sensation The Weeknd)’s formative years as a young Toronto musician are hard to come by. Stories about his oringiation, where he comes from and how he used to behave, pre-fame, abound and conflict with each other constantly. One of Abel’s peers, who claims to have grown up with The Weeknd in Scarborugh, Toronto and had seen these rumours circulating on internet forums wanted to set the record straight by giving the honest perspective from an insider of the scene. Her re-telling of the early Scarborough days sounds organic and provides insight into the bleak hopelessness of that Toronto landscape that both Drake and…


    MF DOOM’s Missing Rhymes Notebook Review

    The lead up to MF Doom’s The Missing Rhymes Notebook: Since ‘09 DOOM’s production has slowed considerably. Visa troubles prevented him from returning to the U.S. after an overseas tour and between that and sheer exhaustion from which even prolific creators suffer, there hasn’t been much time or energy for new albums. In the past seven years, DOOM’s created two collaborative albums (with rappers Jneiro Jarel and Bishop Nehru, two fellow London-based underground artists) and little else. There was great rejoicing among the faithful fan base when Adult Swim announced DOOM would partner to release fresh material once every week for 15 weeks from August – under the name ‘The Missing…

  • Interview,  New Artist

    Clyde Cabbage – The Interview

    I met Clyde on Rappad. I was trying to find out about popular Lo-Fi rappers in the space (I’d just started listening to those Live Stream late-night Chill-Hop videos with the cool Japanese anime – you know the ones – on Youtube.) I posted a question to the community there at large (“Any lo-fi rappers like atlas or samsa? Please post SC links”). There was a rift of responses, and the quickest was from a user with a strange purple motif avatar: “I only have two lofi songs but one of them kinda did something impressive so I count. Here’s the first one”. Pretty bold, right? I checked out his…

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    DJ Akademiks,  Drake

    Noah ’40’ Shebib and DJ Akademiks’ 4-Hour Conversation: The Full Details

    The original Twitch/Youtube video created by DJ Akademiks [Livingston Allen born May 17, 1989, known by the moniker DJ Akademiks, a Jamaican-American YouTube personality] relaying the details of his conversation with OVO’s Noah ’40’ Shebib [Drake’s label mate, producer and engineer, as well as long time friend] from 2017 has been removed. Therefore the kind folks at HnHH have uploaded a transcription of the main points of DJ Akademiks and Noah “40” Shebib’s 4-hour discussion for you to read, below. The transcription includes the real reason behind the Meek Mill and Drake beef, as well as the creation of Back to Back, and why artists signed to OVO  [the Toronto-based…